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Lifting Equipment Inspection and Testing

These surveys provide an accurate register and database report system of all hoisting and lifting equipment onboard a drilling unit or marine vessel – from shackles and slings to lifeboats and offshore cranes.

All equipment is inspected to current, specific manufacturer guidelines and to the relevant API, BS, Euro norms. After inspection all equipment is marked with a colour code indicating whether it is satisfactory or defective.

Each piece of equipment is entered into a database package, supplied by REEL, showing its identification number, description, safe working load, test certificate number and details of previous inspections.

Usually drilling tool surveys are combined with those for hoisting and lifting equipment, providing full inspection coverage of all such equipment onboard.

REEL has developed a full internet-based reporting system for our lifting equipment and drilling and hoisting tool survey work. This allows our clients full access to review the status of all equipment on their drilling rig or marine vessel.

CD-ROMS are also produced with a ‘read and find’ copy of the database, allowing customers to easily find the status of any

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