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Rowan Viking Leg Extension Contract

Reel CE division have been awarded the contract to install the leg extensions on the Rowan Viking rig.  The upgrade project is being carried out at Damen Shipyard, in Vlissgen, who are primary contractors for the job.

Reel are undertaking the fit up and weld out of the 10m leg extensions at a height of 160m, a feat that has never been carried out before.  Access to the work face is being provided by Pal Finger.  This is not the first time Reel and Pal finger have worked together on leg projects; the previous success of a joint company effort on the Rowan RGIV leg repair scope was an integral factor in Reel being successful for this project.  The extension project is expected to run for around 3 months.

Additional to the leg extension project, the ever versatile construction team have been awarded other work scopes on the Viking direct with Rowan.  With the Viking heading to Norwegian waters various upgrades and modifications are taking place, including the removal of the heat shielding.  Utilising the mamoet crane that has been installed for the leg project, Reel have been able to expedite the removal process with 10 TE sections being removed at any one time. Additionally, Reel construction will be installing a new ROV unit, mud logging unit, wire line unit and swarf cutting lines.  Derrick API 4G and DROPPED objects inspections will be completed prior to the rig leaving the yard.

14th July 2014

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