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Reel onboard Rowan Gilbert

Reel is currently nearing the end of with Rowan , Gilbert Rowe, whilst in Lamprell’s yard within Port Khalid, Sharjah, UAE.

Reel has provided Rowan with an onsite inspection team to assist during the major refurbishment works onboard their Rig 38 over a 5 month project . The team worked closely with the client and its future operator to make sure all fixed lifting equipment on board the rig complied with the operator specific requirements. This included the reverse engineering of original fixed equipment as well as load testing and certification of newly installed items.

The project also provided Reel’s office in Saudi Arabia with a case study to put forward to Saudi Aramco for approval and acceptance on to their vendor list.

Reel also provided a large team of derrick construction engineers who worked onsite almost continually since the start of December 2012.

A team of nine engineers worked closely with Rowans project team to help the rig complete a huge scope of work which included derrick and guide track re-alignment, the installation of major items such as derrick beams, stabbing board, racking board, stand pipes, TDS equipment as well as new jetting lines in each leg.

Overall, Reel successfully provided Rowan with a turn-key solution for inspection and construction services on what will be effectively a new rig.

1st August 2012

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