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Innovative Shipyard Solutions

Blasting and painting the pontoon ballast tanks are normally very expensive and time consuming, requiring traditional scaffolding methods that take approximately 5 – 6 days to install and 3 days to destruct.

However the innovative method used by Reel on projects such as the recent Sedco 704 utilises tension netting systems instead of scaffolding, meaning that it will only take 1 day to net-out and will only take ½ a day to remove.

This innovation clearly supersedes traditional methods reflected in its time and cost effectiveness, ultimately delivering quality at better value for the client.

Reel Invergordon has pioneered an additional innovative solution: encapsulating the lower half of the Derrick with their unique netting systems during the upper derrick removal/refurbishment and paint recoating programme.

This provides an environmental protection barrier preventing contaminants derived from the blasting and painting process from entering the atmosphere and eliminates the risk of contamination to surrounding property, unlike traditional methods – again ensuring Reel deliver quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the client.

1st August 2012

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