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365 days without LTI on Rowan Gorilla VI Upgrade

Reel Group’s Construction & Engineering division have been supporting Rowan Inc on their extensive upgrade of the Gorilla VI in Kepple Vervolme, Holland

With over 80,000 construction man hours completed over the last 12 months LTI free, it marks a significant milestone of growth for the division.

To mark the occasion, Mathew Owen (General Manager of Construction & Engineering) visited the work site to present a commemorative plaque to the rig management.

Originally contacted for the installation of the drilling package upgrade only, the proactive attitude and diverse skill set of the construction team soon led to a large scope increase.  The extensive scopes accomplished have been both challenging and rewarding.  Installing the DOP deck structure under the cantilever weighing 30TE was one of the many rigging feats carried out by the team.

The installation of the top drive and travelling equipment weighing over 70TE would normally be a relatively straight forward task, however on this occasion the scope was executed without the luxury of the draw works.  Due to an experienced rigging team, an alternative cranage system was devised and the lift executed incident free.

Work scopes undertaken include, derrick and drilling package upgrade (installation of PRS 8i, dyna-basket, cyber driller’s cabin, iron roughneck TDX 1000, uni-dolly, guide track installation, derrick alignment, wind wall replacement and derrick bolt change out).  Structural repairs to the legs, supply and installation of the main deck coaming silencers, installation of the 16” diverter spools under the drill floor, fire mains inspection and repairs, Installation of stiffeners in the oil skimmer tanks, electrical installation packages and many other scopes.

This success along with the diverse skill set and proactive approach to problem solving demonstrated by Reel has led to a vast increase in the order book for 2014.

24th July 2014

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