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Reel Training

Continuous Training and Competency Assessment

REEL have developed an internal training and competency assessment programme with a vision of achieving our ultimate corporate objective of being the leading supplier of inspection and other related services to the energy industry worldwide.


REACT stands for:


Its a phrase that describes our philosophy of work in terms of the service that we provide to our clients. This also fits in to our internal training and competency programme.

REACT bases training on each of Reel’s core activities. Each activity is then broken down in to sub sections and a comprehensive training matrix is kept for each inspector.

Sub sections are then signed off once the appropriate level of competency has been demonstrated for that particular module. This then provides evidence of internal training and establishes a record of competence.

REACT shows a progressive development for each inspector throughout each stage of a training module.

Management can then see when each individual inspector is ready to be sent on operations to carry out work scopes on their own to the standards that are required by REEL.

REACT training is carried out worldwide for all employees.

We REACT to the situation in order to be PROACTIVE to finding the correct solution.

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